Cycling from Greece to Sweden

The end of the 202020 Velomobile Challenge

The 202020 Velomobile Challenge consisted in cycling with a velomobile through as many countries, states or territories as possible during 2020. It was a personal challenge, not a competition. We were a few velonauts with different plans and my plan was to cycle through 20 countries during 2020. But the roads were closed because of the pandemic and I was only able to cycle through 17 countries. During my trip I first had to leave my velomobile in Poland and then on Crete in Greece, but I had managed to cycle from the northern most point on mainland Europe to the southernmost point of Europe on the island Gavdos in the Mediterranean sea.

My route home from Greece.

New business orientation

Passion becomes business

Riding recumbent bicycles has become a big passion to me. Therefore I have decided to share my interest in recumbents with others by importing and selling these fantastic bikes.

Tonight I finished the first edition of the website Since this business is new to me, I do not have any photos of my own. But I have been able to publish photos by other photographers on the website. I promise that I will eventually add new images taken by myself.

Here are some translated texts from the new Swedish website.

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