Front Hatch for Quattrovelo and Quest XS

Designed by Denis Bodennec.

Mark the location of the template.
It is best to use metallic tape for nicer cut.
You must be extremely careful if not using tape. Slightest error will leave marks on the paint.
Grind the outer edges on the underside of the frame.
Grind the parts to be glued and clean with acetone.
Use epoxy glue with filler.
Be careful not to leave marks on the paint. Use tape or rubber to prevent scratches.

Keep track of how the glue dries. In some situations, it may be good to gently cut away any excess glue before it has solidified completely.
Carefully measure the position of the locking mechanism.
Use support underneath when drilling on the hatch.
Tape hatch in place before drilling guiding holes for the locks.
Cut away excess carbon fibre and smoothen the edges of the holes.
Different types of locks.
It might be necessary to use some smooth tape to stop rattling noise.
It is possible to glue the hook Velcro in the gutter and soft on the cover. That also avoids vibrations.
The area around the hatch is now stronger than the original construction because it is reinforced with the hatch frame.
Quest XS with front hatch.

All parts can be ordered from Denis Bodennec. Email to: denez29260 @ Delete spaces in email address.