Installing Rohloff in a Quattrovelo

With the return chain INSIDE the velo. 👍

Life has its priorities. If I do not have a workshop at home, then the living room will have to be it.

When I documented the remodeling, I had no plans to publish the pictures, hence the poor quality. I post the pictures because many have asked for it. I hope they can be helpful.

No more derailleur! 😀

Denis Bodennec, the vice-president of Vélomobile Club de France, taught me how to install a Rohloff with the return chain inside the velomobile. Thank you, Denis!

Grind the parts to be glued and clean with acetone.
One kind of bonding. Any epoxy bonding with filler will do.
Excess can be taken away before hardening.
Measuring to have a reference on the rear axle before taking it off.
Cutting the foam that will support the carbon fibre. I realize that I did make the hole too long in the front. Should have ended just in front of the lowest part.
The height of the tunnel should be measured before making the template. Have a rod or a line between the two idlers and add some margin.
Minimum 6 layers if 200 gr/m2.
This is the epoxy that I use in Sweden.
Excess material grinded off and the tunnel is ready for a last thin finishing epoxy.
The new idler just in front of the Rohloff has to be of a good quality. The standard idler for Quest is not good enough. I use one from Ginkgo. 14 teeth.
The rear idler is replaced by a smaller and stronger idler and the return chain is kept below the idler by a new bolt. The bolt holding the idler is covered with a pipe of the same diameter as the idlers ball-bearing.
The lower bolt is covered by plastic hose to avoid rattling if upper chain happens to jump.
The lower pipe for the chain is attached to the bolt with two zip ties.
It is not necessary, but I added some reinforcement in the carbon. Made 4 washers out of the piece that came out of the channel when cutting hole for the Rohloff. Glued them on with epoxy.
I’m probably exaggerating with the washers, just want to be 100% safe. A lot of stress is put onto this idler.
The cables for Rohloff are mounted by the side of the tunnel.
By the side of the front idler the return chain is in the tube at the same place as before rebuilding to Rohloff.
Longer aluminium flaps welded on the axle frame.
Making liners out of 0.102 mm aluminum foil to be sure that the rear axle will be mounted straight.
Additional spacers for the rear cogs.
Made a bracket for a chain tensioner that will be mounted on the rear axle frame at the same place where the bloody derailleur was attached. 😀
Bike Chain Tensioner XLC Single Speed CR-A03.