Looking back at 2019

While waiting to continue the 202020 Velomobile Challenge

I had to pause my cycling tour from Sweden to Greece because of borders closing due to the corona virus. My velomobile QV #5 is parked outside Krakow in Poland. This is giving me an opportunity to go through some photos from last year. I realize that I don’t have so much left to show and that most is about velomobiles. Sorry for that! I will have to make better this year. 😉

Quattrovelo #5 in south east Sweden.
At Nordkapp, the northernmost point of Europe.
In the middle of Sweden.
In Germany.
The Kattegatt trail.
South west Sweden.
At home, this is where I live.
In the middle of Sweden.
Bohuslän, on the Swedish west coast.
Old fishing village in Bohuslän, Sweden.
In the middle of Sweden.
I took this horrible photo of a ship in a German canal when I had forgotten to use the parking brake. The velomobile started rolling into the ditch that can be seen to the left. When I tried to stop my fall, my Achilles tendon was cut.