New business orientation

Passion becomes business

Riding recumbent bicycles has become a big passion to me. Therefore I have decided to share my interest in recumbents with others by importing and selling these fantastic bikes.

Tonight I finished the first edition of the website Since this business is new to me, I do not have any photos of my own. But I have been able to publish photos by other photographers on the website. I promise that I will eventually add new images taken by myself.

Here are some translated texts from the new Swedish website.

Experience the feeling of freedom

Before you continue reading, I want to warn that recumbent bikes can be addictive. 😉 After testing my first T-Tris from Azub, I got stuck. The feeling of freedom when you glide along the roads is difficult to describe, it must be experienced. With a recumbent bike, cycling becomes so much easier. Cycling long distances such as 150 kilometres a day is no longer a pain but quite possible.

My first recumbent bike, an Azub T-Tris 20.

Four, three or two wheels

A big advantage of recumbent bikes is that you sit very comfortably. This means that many people can cycle long distances without getting pain in the buttocks, back, neck or wrists. It is a very comfortable form of transport and exercise.

Generally, for all types of bikes is that the heavier they are, the slower they are to ride. Another thing is that a light bike gets up a hill faster and a heavy bike gets down a hill faster.

A four-wheeled bicycle is more stable than a three-wheeled one and a three-wheeled bicycle is of course more stable than a two-wheeled one. The risk of tipping with a four-wheeled bicycle is less than with a three-wheeled one. The risk of tipping also depends on how high up you have the seat on the bike. The higher up, the greater the risk of tipping. On a four-wheeled bicycle, you can treat yourself to having the seat higher up than on a three-wheeled one. You sit at about the same height as a car driver and many feels that you then have a better view.

In a three-wheeled bicycle, you sit lower and the cyclist plus the bicycle constitute less air resistance. This makes the bike faster. It also gives a greater sense of speed to sit close to the ground.

The fastest of the recumbent bikes are the two-wheelers, but as I said, they are less stable than four- and three-wheelers. It requires some training to be able to keep the balance on a two-wheeled recumbent bike. On the recumbent bike, you do not have the same opportunity to use the upper body to balance as you have on a regular two-wheeled bike. Instead, you have to learn to balance with the help of the arms and the steering.

A two-wheeled recumbent bike is much faster than a regular two-wheeled bike on flat ground, because the human body provides less air resistance. On uphill slopes, the recumbent cycle is slightly slower.

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