Velomobile Challenge

Photo of me taken by Charlotta Sjöstedt when I started the 202020 Velomobile Challenge on the 22 02 2020.
Preliminary route.

Hi dear friends!

I’m on the ferry from Stockholm to Åland in Finland. I take this opportunity to tell you that I have started my velomobile tour through Europe. I’m one of the 202020 Velomobile Challenge participants.

The 202020 Velomobile Challenge consists of cycling with a velomobile through as many countries, states or territories as possible during 2020, preferably through 20 of them, that is why we call it 202020. This is a personal challenge, not a competition.

You can find more information, links and see the latest velomobile positions on the site www.202020.eu.


Water levels where high in the harbour at home when I left.
On my way not far from home. The bridge in the background is made for the wild animals so that they can cross the highway without being hit by the traffic.
My first wild camp. A couple of below freezing degrees in the morning.
The river Nossan.
Lunchtime at a country house.
No leaves on the birches yet.
Just an ordinary Swedish road.
Vättern, the second largest lake in Sweden.
The harbour in Stockholm just before leaving to Finland.
This is where the QV #5 is just now, in the belly of the ferry to Finland.

4 reaktioner till “202020”

  1. Wish you a good, sucessful and most of all – a safe journey. Would have been great to join you but I work still so these kind o trips have to wait some years.
    How long do you think you will need to finalise you trip?
    Allt the best

    1. Thank you Jan!
      I have no time schedule. It will take the time it takes.

  2. Hej
    Du är i mårgon ( söndag) i Helsingfors eller hur?
    Kanske kunde jag komma och träffa dig, om du berättar var och när kunde vi se.
    Jag bor i Vanda 20 km från Helsingfors.

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